Jaap and Galina


Galina Durmushliyska, "The Voice of Dobrudja, is a folk singer by profession, but also the charming hostess of goKotel. In addition, her pride are the gardens of our guest houses, where she likes gardening; she loves all that lives and flourishes.

By concerts and singing lessons from her, you have the unique opportunity to get the tradition of the "first hand" to grasp. As enchanting as her singing is, so inspiring are the singing lessons with Galina.

From 2000 to 2006 she lived in the Netherlands and worked as a singer and voice teacher, so she speaks also a little Dutch. For a detailed biography see her website www.galina.nl where you also can listen to many audio clips and can check her agenda for concerts.





Jaap van Beelen, born in August 1948 in Katwijk aan Zee (the Netherlands), as the eldest son in a big fishing family.

Early on he started traveling. From the age of fourteen he went on a bike in Europe, the year after hichchiking and in public transport to almost every country of Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The nature and contact with the local people, their traditions and their way of life fascinated him most.

After a long way from elementary technical school, (evening) advanced technical school, avionics education and - during his service with the Air Force – full grade teacher mathematics, he finally went to the University of Groningen in order to study philosophy and theoretical mathematics. During this study he was also for several years a hobby farmer been under the biodynamic method, he was one of the initiators and founders of the "Groenko” (Green Cooperation) in Groningen and he cooked organic and macrobiotic by people at home.

Since 1975, he joined the (legal) publishing field, where he was responsible for the development and introduction of electronic ( on CD-ROM and the Internet) products for the professional markets such as lawyers, notaries and policy makers in governments and large organizations. If he is in a sense to say what he is, then that developer of products that people enjoy and successfully use is his goal!

Besides traveling and product developing a third important line in his life is (folk) dance. His great example here was Miodrag Despotovic and people dancing at weddings and parties in the countries through which he traveled. A short time he has danced professionally as a dancer with a the famous circus and Toni Boltini, and two years, he has taken a lessons at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. He is a supporter of learning to dance instead of dances to learn. The last fifteen years he added to that the interest in folk music and became promoter and (co-)producer of several choir projects, folk concerts and CD’s with Bulgarian music.

Jaap is father of two beautiful daughters and since November 29, 2010, he is the proud grandfather of Leah. He lives and works in Kotel, Bulgaria where he developed the nature and cultural holidays "goKotel" as his most recent product.

We hope to welcome you in Kotel!


Go to Kotel for the real Bulgarian experience!

Undergo authentic culture and traditions and the unspoiled nature!

Taste our traditional prepared meals. Relax in nature or garden and sing, dance and party with local musicians!