About goKotel

goKotel focuses entirely on small-scale tourism in the town of Kotel and region. Kotel has some strong advantages: the very diverse nature in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, a pleasant climate, rich history of the town and the region where are four different ethnic groups living, each with their traditions, lifestyle and customs. Add to that the fact that in Kotel the famous music school "Filip Kutev" is established, where more than 200 young talents get their training in Bulgarian music, song and dance.

Because the founder and manager of goKotel, Jaap van Beelen, is living here since 2006, we are able to use the most interesting that Kotel and region has to offer for you to experience. We know the local relationships, news and "gossip" and so can you, as if from within, give a glimpse of how life in this very mixed community on the edge of Europe is going on.

We also have good contacts with a number of cultural institutions in the wider area as Sungurlare, Targovishte and Omurtag, so we can offer you the opportunity to get in touch with local groups of amateur and professional (folklore) arts practitioners.

The team of goKotel will help you to discover this town with her so glorious history, the environment and the diverse variety of people. From us you will not get standard tourist programs but the 'real' experience through activities close to Bulgaria and the local population, their work and their daily lives. Kotel dishes the atmosphere of a Bulgarian little town 30 years ago.

We wont make you and ourselves crazy. Our prices are fixed, we do not handle peak season surcharge, low season discount, single room supplement, child discount, reservation charges, bed linen or final cleaning surcharges, Christmas and New Year and holidays surcharges, heating surcharges, etc. The only exception is that when you book with 12 or more persons for several days, a group discount of 5 to 10% is possible.