Clean Kotel fund

As in many southern and eastern countries, in Bulgaria and also in and directly around the Kotel unfortunately often you will find litter. In the town of Kotel for example, the employees of the sanitation and even gravediggers if a few funerals succession, leaves little time for collecting the garbage.

As of 2010, you will help to Kotel and environment cleaner. From this year because you pay € 1 per night for our “Clean Kotel Fund”. We hope that the amount that enters will be supplemented by grants / sponsorships.

One fifth of the money that comes in to go to keep the streets and parks between our guest house nice and clean, this part is managed by Galina. The remaining 80% goes to get rid of litter around Kotel. In cooperation with Kotel municipality, we have established few times a year a cleaning day. For every cleaning day there will be designated an area of litter should to be removed. We hope that as the blade of a three(!) edged sword: nature will become cleaner; nature is protected because fewer branches and leaves are deducted; and for the poor/unemployed who have little chance of regular employment it is a source of income.

For picking the berries and herbs Gypsies receive an amount of 0.30 to 0.50 leva per kilogram. The Clean Kotel Fund pays for litter - which is gathering faster - a similar rate. There will be verified that the garbage was not removed out of the bins.

The municipality Kotel unreservedly supports this initiative, proposes available manpower and provides free transportation of all the collected litter to appropriate storage and processing areas. (Municipal Decree 10/02/2010, No. 30-86-1)

In 2010 € 655 or 1,317 Leva is received, with this money seven times a small cleaning action has be done at the area between our guest houses Izvorska and Niric and the tourist routes Museum of antique carpets "Galata" and the ethnographic museum. For this only totally 130 Leva is spent. Once, on September 16th, 2010 under the name "Altani za smet" (gold coins for litter) a great cleaning action has been held. Nearly 8,500 kg of litter from the woods above the music is removed. The municipality of Kotel has supplied two trucks with drivers to make it available that the collected litter was discharged to the municipal landfill. See below for the price list for which waste was purchased and the result. It employed 27 people participating and for a total of 1188 Leva litter was purchased and disposed. The great sweep was broadcasted at a two-hour documentary on regional TV "Channel Kotel”.

Котел – Алтьни за смет – Ценоrразпиs (price list)

(kind of litter)
Цена на килограм лв.
(purchase price per kilogram)
Purchased / cleaned number of kilograms
Несортиран боклук
(unsorted litter)
0,08 600
Tухли / керамиди / цемент
(tiles, cement, construction waste)
0,08 5.180
0,50 13
0,35 45
Текстил / картон / хартия
(textile / cardboard / paper)
0,30 890
0,20 106
Стькло / бутилки
(glass / bottles)
0,20 510
Пластмаса, бутилки, торбички
(plastic, bottles, plastic bags, etc.)
0,60 998
Електроника, ТВ / радио части
(electronics, radio, TV parts)
1,00 -
2,00 -

What has been achieved:

  • Nature is relieved of 8,500 kg of waste;
  • 27 persons from the local population have earned a good overnight (approximately 40 Leva per person);
  • The Kotel municipality has participated;
  • Through the action, and especially the TV documentary, is set an example that was discussed by many people.

What has not been reached:

  • Nature directly around Kotel is still far from clean, and at the designated place is small / light waste still present;
  • The locals are asking – on a daily base – when we do have new work for them.

It is therefore important that the fund remains and if possible, extended. So in 2011 we will maintain the 1 Euro contribution to the "Clean Kotel Fund”.


Thanks to your contributions in 2011, we cleaned in the early spring of 2012 the park "Izvotite" (4 trucks full of waste), the banks along the river "Suha reka", and several times the environment between the museum for carpets and the ethnografic museum.

We are happy with the comments of some visitors that Kotel looks very clean.


Go to Kotel for the real Bulgarian experience!

Undergo authentic culture and traditions and the unspoiled nature!

Taste our traditional prepared meals. Relax in nature or garden and sing, dance and party with local musicians!