Group arrangements

For groups of 8 to 32 individuals (such as choirs, hiking clubs, dance clubs, etc. or just a group of friends or families), we can consult with you tailored programs. In the past three years we have organized such tailor made tours for a number of groups. Participants in the group tours are lodged in one of our traditional guest houses based on single and double rooms. Some examples of the possibilities:

  • Workshops in Bulgarian traditional song and / or dance. The singing workshops are taught by Galina Durmushliyska (www.galina.nl) in cooperation with other Bulgarian specialists. The Bulgarian dance workshops by experienced dance teachers assisted by Jaap van Beelen and will be accompanied live by Bulgarian musicians.
  • Organizing concert tours for orchestras, dance groups or choirs in Kotel region. We have many contacts with cultural institutions in the region. Besides giving concerts, we seek cooperation with local groups and will hook in as much as possible on one of the festivals going on in the region.
  • Hiking in the region. The beauty of the area around Kotel is that each day trip again pulls another ecosystem, and that during the trip you will visit a high point, such as the architectural reserve Zheravna, the waterfalls at Medven or the rocks with vultures near the Thrasian sanctuary “Chobra Tash”. The tours are light to medium heavy, with a maximum altitude difference of 500 meters.
  • Herbs and mushrooms tours, collecting wild herbs and mushrooms is the largest industry Kotel. Cep (Boletus Edulis) and Chanterelle mushrooms are the best known. Go early in the morning with the gipsy’s to the woods and prepare them later the day together with us at our guesthouse.
  • Bulgarian handicrafts as weaving, embroidery, etc.
  • A program around one of the activities that take place in Kotel like Gergovden (May 6), Cyril and Methodius (May 24 celebrations) or folklore festival in Zheravna (weekend after August 15).
  • Transhumance: the moving of the sheep flock and shepherds from the winter to summer pastures (early May) or vice versa (in October), maximum of 10 guest.
  • Archaeology and caving (advanced amateurs and professinals). In Kotel are many nearly un exploided caves, and in the region are often discovered new treasures.
  • Or compose a diverse program together from our "Program à la carte" options.

You can also propose your own program ideas. Our only point is that we are specialized and would remain in Kotel area.

Registration: The group tours are offered during the year at request.

Depending on your program requirements, the cost of one week all-inclusive package including accommodation, meals, drinks, program and transport in the region is between € 260 and € 480 per person. Send us an email with your requirements, group size and period, and we will send you a free proposal. Please refer to contact us for details.

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